Product Sense


Audrey Tsang, product lead at Pinterest, on launching Instant Ideas

Audrey is a product lead on the Discovery team at Pinterest, where her team recently launched a new feature called Instant Ideas. We chatted about the ups and downs of that process, the best practices she's learned after a decade of building mobile software, and more:

  • What a good personalized discovery experience requires
  • The advantages of an iterative product development process that combines user research and experimentation at scale
  • How to overcome the new user cold start problem and strike a balance between gathering signal and adding friction
  • The different stages of comprehension and the impact of details like animation latency
  • Why the team moved away from the heart as a symbol for the affinity action, and how they landed on a circle instead
  • The importance of considering ecosystem effects when introducing a new type of signal into recommendation systems
  • How to match the prominence of a feature with the value people get out of it and how frequently it's used
  • Why good user experiences are about being contextually aware as opposed to being consistent
  • Her advice for aspiring product managers